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Cloud-Native Endpoint Protection with VMware Carbon Black Cloud™

Carbon Black prevents more threats, gives you actionable insights, and helps you operate faster and more effectively.

The Cloud-Native Advantage

The majority of today’s cyber attacks feature advanced tactics such as lateral movement and island hopping that target legitimate tools to inflict damage. These sophisticated hacking methods pose a tremendous risk to targets with decentralized systems protecting high-value assets, including money, intellectual property and sensitive data.

Complete EndPoint Solutions for Your Business and Remote Workers

Continuous Data Collection

Continuous, centralized, objective recording of all OS events.

Streaming Analytics

Comprehensive analysis of endpoint behavior over time, not just files, to detect and stop threats.

Extensible Platform

Designed to integrate with existing investments, build custom extensions, and scale with your organization.

Replaces Antiquated Malware Prevention

With the continuously evolving threat landscape, settling for a checkbox on security is laying out a welcome mat for cyber attacks.

VMware Carbon Black Cloud

VMware Carbon Black Cloud continuously collects comprehensive endpoint activity data, because attackers intentionally try to “look normal” in order to hide their attacks.

Endpoint Standard

The VMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard solution uses machine learning to analyze endpoints and stop all types of attacks before they reach critical systems.

Enterprise EDR

Protect your organization and customer data with a cloud-native endpoint protection platform (EPP) that defends against today’s advanced cyber attacks.

Managed Detection

Armed with contextual data delivered by seasoned threat hunting experts, your team can confidently take action knowing you are targeting the highest priority threats in your environment.

Carbon Black's Leaders Discuss the Future of Endpoint Security

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