• Over 150 countries have been hit by the attack since Friday
  • Over 334,000 computers have been infected
  • There is no way to decrypt the files - as of right now
  • Best Prevention: Antivirus, Firewall, Windows Updates
  • Best Protection: Reliable Backups, on-site and off-site
  • Windows PCs and servers, except Windows 10, are affected

To our current contract clients:

  • We have scanned all client networks Saturday morning and contacted a few clients that needed to take action.
  • If you are on our unlimited plan, you are protected, but not immune to opening a bad website or e-mail.
  • If you are on our basic plan and we do not have a commercial grade firewall, antivirus and web filtering installed at your office, contact us asap to get this setup.

Steps to make sure you are safe:

  1. Don’t panic. You may click on a web link or open an e-mail that contains the very thing you are trying to avoid.
  2. Call your IT person/company if you suspect that you are infected. Disconnect your computer from the network to avoid further infection to other network devices.
  3. Talk to your IT person/company and get a report on the following items:
    1. Is a commercial grade firewall installed and up to date on all security subscription?
    2. Is a commercial grade antivirus installed and up to date on all computers?
    3. Are all Windows updates installed, especially the ones exploited by this malware?
    4. Is web filtering enabled to prevent users from clicking suspicious websites?
  4. Look over your backups and verify that you have reliable copies at your office and off-site. Test them!
  5. If you are a regulated entity, HIPAA, AICPA, FDIC, FINRA, SOX, etc. review your policies on cyber security, breaches, backups and general security.
  6. Verify with your insurance agent that you have Cyber Liability and Data Breach insurance. It’s different from your professional liability policy.

If you are unsure about any of these items, give us a call at 318-255-1110 and we’ll be happy to help.

More up to date information is available here:

A live threat map is available here: