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Backups & Recovery

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With the threat of ransomware and natural disasters looming, failing to have a reliable business continuity strategy in place can spell doom for any organization. With HiTech’s tried and true on- and off-site backups (including virtualization), entire servers can be made accessible in 15 minutes or less assuring not only simple file recovery, but also true business continuity.

Unfortunately, most small-to-medium-size businesses do not have the onsite resources to work full time at protecting their data and equipment from the impending dangers of today’s technology environment. User error, hardware or software failure, file corruption, cybercrime or natural disasters—all of these can lead to varying levels of chaos for your company. In an instant, billing, inventory records, customer lists and important files can disappear leaving your business crippled for days, weeks or even months. This type of devastation is why it’s so important to have a backup and disaster recovery plan in place with a company you can trust, like HiTech. We believe in being proactive for your protection and prepared should an event ever occur.

Solutions Start With People

Our IT experts can evaluate your issues and implement solutions to establish recoverability of your business operations, manage costs, and improve your organization’s overall resiliency. Our diligent planning and IT project management allows us to select the right technology to maximize end-user adoption while minimizing disruption in your business.

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