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Distance Learning Tools Essential To Create And Engage In Your Digital Classroom

We’ll provide you as educators, parents, and students with unique Microsoft tools needed to form your virtual classroom experience.

Create A Digital Classroom By Using HiTech To Help You Have The Tools You Need

COVID-19 has made many things more difficult including learning and teaching from home. HiTech has the solution to your distance learning problems and is here to ensure your home can become a classroom. HiTech is here to provide you with the confidence, security, accessibility, and reliability you need to become a distant learner.

Making The Transition To Digital Learning Is Simpler Than You Think


We’ll give you the confidence you need as an educator to utilize our services to teach your students. We’ll give you the confidence you need as a parent to help your children use the applications we provide, and we’ll give students the confidence they need to learn in a virtual setting.


We comply with the Child Information Protection Act to help ensure your kids don’t get into hazardous sites. We’ll ensure your devices can be easily tracked in case they are lost or stolen and need to be recovered as well as repair damaged items in a reasonable timeframe.


Whether you have unreliable internet access or solely cellular access we will work to provide you with applications that can be accessed quickly anywhere in your home for an efficient classroom experience.


We will work to ensure the services and applications we provide are consistently working and providing you with the classroom experience you need to engage in distance learning.

Office 365 Education

This is a unique form of Office 365 tailored to educators and students. It includes applications such as Word, Powerpoint, OneNote, and Excel and offers a variety of tools for your remote classroom to function as seamlessly as possible.

Microsoft Teams

This tool allows students and teachers to engage virtually through video chats and messaging providing a virtual classroom experience. It includes file and app sharing and provides a safe place to stay engaged in the classroom.


This video messaging tool allows teachers to post a discussion topic and lets students post their responses in the form of a video facilitating a virtual classroom discussion. It enables students to engage in problem-solving, communication, and learning through a virtual message board.

Microsoft Training + Workshops

Microsoft provides training, workshops, and webinars that allow students, educators, and parents to become familiar with the tools and resources that Microsoft supplies.

What is Microsoft Teams?

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