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Managed Services

Benefits of Managed Services

Cyber Security Icon

Cyber Security

Being a thought leader, HiTech has not just partnered with the best in the industry to provide the most powerful solutions, but also trained and certified staff to translate complex security issues into sound concepts of protecting your business and its assets. From cyber security awareness classes to endpoint security solutions used by fortune 500 companies, HiTech is your partner in keeping your business safe and operating.

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Regulatory Compliance

Every business is regulated in some way, even if it’s just the internal HR database with social security numbers or accepting credit cards from clients. With two Certified Information Security Systems Professionals (CISSP) on staff and performing upwards of 100 risk assessments annually, HiTech is uniquely qualified to help your organization to navigate the treacherous compliance landscape and protect your assets.

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IT Project Management

Too often projects take twice as long, cost significantly more than anticipated, frustrate everyone involved and cause business interruptions. Allowing HiTech to properly manage your projects means getting things done in an orderly fashion, on time and on budget.

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Remote Monitoring

By remotely monitoring your organization’s network infrastructure, HiTech is able to proactively alert and remediate potential business interruptions stemming from simple hard disk failures on Servers, PCs and laptops to complex network and security issues involving switches, routers and firewalls.

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Network Engineering Icon

Network Engineering

In today’s organizations, loss of network connectivity means loss of productivity. Whether connectivity between multiple sites, secure access for remote workers or fast connectivity to server resources is your main focus, HiTech can help. With an experienced team of network engineers, HiTech can facilitate complex designs, secure access, future expandability and scalability as well as refresh and diagnose your current environment.

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Backups & Recovery

With the threat of ransomware and natural disasters looming, not having a reliable business continuity strategy in place may spell doom for any organization. With HiTech’s tried and true on- and off-site backups, including virtualization, entire servers can be made accessible in 15 minutes or less assuring not just simple file recovery, but true business continuity.

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Hardware as a Service Icon

Hardware as a Service

Hardware lifecycle management is overlooked by all but the most innovative companies. Aging servers and computers allow for loopholes in security and cause business interruptions due to the reliability and efficiency of devices users depend on daily. Allowing HiTech to provide hardware as a service takes the guesswork out of when to replace a PC or upgrade a server. For a fixed monthly fee, all assets are ready to deliver peak performance and always under warranty in case of hardware failure.

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Cloud Solutions Icon

Cloud Solutions

The cloud is the future and you are using it daily without realizing it. HiTech can help with strategic planning of what the cloud can do to make a meaningful impact to your organization. From salespeople accessing data in the field, to always-up-to-date e-mail, documents and hosted applications, HiTech is your partner in developing a cloud strategy that centers around securely and reliably providing access to your data from anywhere.

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Analytics & Visualization Icon

Analytics & Visualization

Any successful company will monitor and report on sales, production and financial key indicators across the organization. Solid business analytics allow for good decision making and development of sound strategies. However, many lack the ability of analyzing and visualizing the same key performance indicators across their network infrastructure. HiTech has developed tools that do just that. Using the data collected from sources all around the organization, HiTech is able to build live dashboards and generate reports to provide true insight to facilitate meaningful decisions with profound impact for all users.

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Why Choose
Managed Services?

Businesses are relying on technology more everyday to run their day to day operations. But as technology becomes deeply integrated into every layer of business, organizations of all shapes and sizes are finding it more difficult to manage their ever-changing IT systems and infrastructure. You need the expertise of IT specialists in a variety of roles, but you don’t need these specialists full-time. Teaming up with a Managed Services IT partner provides your organization with the strategic and technical expertise you need – when you need it.

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