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Hardware as a Service

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Hardware lifecycle management is overlooked by all but the most innovative companies. Aging servers and computers allow for loopholes in security and cause business interruptions due to unreliability and inefficiency of devices your team depends on daily. Allowing HiTech to provide hardware as a service takes the guesswork out of when to replace a PC or upgrade a server. For a fixed monthly fee, all assets are ready to deliver peak performance and remain under warranty in case of hardware failure.

Hardware lifecycle management is a holistic approach to maximizing the total useful life of IT hardware to secure your highest return on investment. By considering the entire useful life of a server, router, or computer and implementing best practices, your business can lower hardware and maintenance costs, increase upgrade flexibility, extend the useful life of its IT hardware, and get the most value out of your equipment. HiTech can help you develop a plan that includes purchasing or leasing options, maintenance, and coordination of parts and repair. We can also handle everything from deploying and installing equipment to disposing or recycling.

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Our IT experts can evaluate your issues and implement solutions to establish recoverability of your business operations, manage costs, and improve your organization’s overall resiliency. Our diligent planning and IT project management allows us to select the right technology to maximize end-user adoption while minimizing disruption in your business.

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