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Small Business Services

Being a small business means making every dollar count; especially when you need it the most. As a small business, if you suffer from a cybersecurity breach you may not have the resources to recover from it like large industry counterparts. There’s a cybersecurity saying that goes, “A penny of prevention is worth a pound of the cure.” Which simply means, it is more affordable to prevent breaches than to repair damages after they happen.


Clinics, Urgent Care Facilties, Dentist Offices

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In the modern age, medical facilities depend on technology for daily operations and patient care. In turn, patients put their trust in these facilities; not just for care, but to keep their information safe and confidential. That’s why reviewing and responding to threat intelligence is amplified in the healthcare space; Any interruption to the networks and operations can be life-threatening.


Bank Branches, Investment Companies, Insurance Agencies


Few matters affect consumers the way that financial services do. Which is why it is no surprise that Market Experts reported cyberattacks against financial services firms increased by over 70% in 2017, and 60% in the previous year. This data is indicative of a market that is vulnerable to cyberattacks.


Emergency Control Centers, Sheriff Offices, County + Parish Council Committees


The 2018 Deloitte-NASCIO Cybersecurity Study named 5 items to be the 2018/2019 top 5 cybersecurity initiatives for state and local governments. They were: Risk assessment, metrics to measure and report effectiveness, training and awareness, cybersecurity strategy, and cloud platform and solutions security. However, the NASCIO report, States at Risk: A Bold Play for Change indicates that as of 2017 only 52% of states have a separate budget line for cybersecurity, with some having seen no change. Begging the question, what citizen’s safety are getting left behind on behalf of their state’s cybersecurity budget?


Retail, Inventory Management, Work Stations


Retail spaces and the inventory and workstations held within are notoriously taken advantage by shoplifters, but they are also vulnerable to cyberattacks. Although not widely published in the media retail establishments can be a beacon for cybercriminals due to the credit and debit card information stored in their systems as well as their own banking information. Additionally, your workstations may hold trade secrets, blueprints, and designs that would cripple your business if released and sold cheaper. Lastly, it is important to protect your supply chain and IoT systems so they cannot put your business at risk. 

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 No matter what business you own or service you provide, we have the solutions. 

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Our IT experts can evaluate your issues and implement solutions to establish recoverability of your business operations, manage costs, and improve your organization’s overall resiliency. Our diligent planning and IT project management allows us to select the right technology to maximize end-user adoption while minimizing disruption in your business.

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