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What Is The Dark Web and How Does It Work?

November 15, 2022


The Dark Web is not as ominous as it sounds. The Dark Web is not dissimilar to the regular internet that you are accustomed to using daily. The major difference is that it is only accessible by using a specific web browser called, Tor Browser.

A Tor Browser is incredibly easy to use. In fact, anybody can have an installer for the Tor browser for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Once installed, the browser works just like any other browser--you can even use it to go to Google.com if you want! The most important difference is that you are always using the Tor network instead of the Internet—so you don't have to worry about anyone tracking where you went or what you entered into search forms.

Tor is an anonymous network that allows users to access the internet without being tracked. While the Dark Web is well-known for criminal activity, Tor was not built for those reasons and only a small amount of activity on the Dark Web is associated with illegal or unethical endeavors.

Despite its ominous name, the term Dark Web describes only a small section of the Deep Web. The Dark Web contains content that exists within hidden networks of the Internet. It’s this content that gets it a bad reputation as hackers use it to attack users and steal their information.

The deep web is part of the internet that search engines do not have total control over. Although many people use it for illegal activities such as selling weapons and drugs, some regions of the deep web are actually legal to visit.

You are now getting a clear picture of what the Dark Web is. Moving forward, you will stand better prepared to understand and handle your personal information.

What To Do If Your Personal Information Is On The Dark Web?

Because of the way the Dark Web is designed, there is no way to completely remove posted information. The best you can do is to prevent information from being misused and to cover yourself in case something does happen.

A major safeguard to utilize is Two-Factor Authentication (also known as Multi-Factor Authentication) that utilizes a different medium to verify your identity, such as texting a code to your phone.

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